As a fabric store owner, I have the pleasure of interacting with quilters on a daily basis. And let me tell you, the quilting community is made up of some of the nicest and most passionate people you'll ever meet. 

I recently attended a fabric conference and had the pleasure of chatting with many quilters who were there to stock up on fabric. Main takeaway - I couldn't help but be struck by their kindness and generosity. They were constantly offering to help each other find the perfect fabric and were eager to share their quilting tips and tricks.

But it's not just the quilters who shop with us that make me appreciate the quilting community. It's the quilters I know who donate fabric scraps to schools and community centers. It's the quilters who take the time to teach others the art of quilting. It's the quilters who come together to create quilts for those in need.

We have a customer who provides quilts to people who have been impacted by natural disasters. She recently came to our warehouse to stock up to go to Kentucky where a tornado just leveled a whole area.

I've seen firsthand the impact that quilting can have on individuals and communities. It brings people together, it provides comfort and warmth, and it allows for self-expression. And the quilting community is at the forefront of all of this.

So, to all the quilters out there, thank you. Thank you for being such kind, passionate, and giving individuals. You truly make the world a better place through your craft and your community. And as a fabric store owner, I am honored to be a part of your quilting journey.

- Chris

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