Chris here. I asked my mom, Sue, to write on her recent travels for The Weekly Thread! She went to Morocco & Lisbon and here's her experience.
My passion for fabrics has taken me on many adventures around the world. Together with my sisters - I have five - who share my passion, we've explored the rich and diverse fabrics of various cultures.
Growing up in a family of quilters, I learned the art of stitching and creating garments at a young age. However, as I grew older, my interest shifted to the fabrics themselves. I'm fascinated by the way fabrics can be woven, dyed, and embroidered to create stunning designs that tell stories of the people and cultures they come from.
My sisters and I would plan our trips months in advance, researching the best places to find traditional fabrics and immersing ourselves in the local culture. Our travels have taken us to countries like India, Portugal, Morocco, and more where we have explored the traditional fabrics of these regions.
Each trip has been a learning experience for us. We would visit local markets, attend festivals, and meet the locals to learn more about their customs and traditions. We have been welcomed into homes, sampled local cuisine, and shared in the joy and laughter of people whose language we did not speak.
In India, we fell in love with the vibrant colors and intricate designs of traditional sarees. In Morocco, we marveled at the exquisite craftsmanship and the precise techniques used in their creations. In Lisbon, we discovered Chita fabrics, known for their bold patterns and vibrant colors inspired by Portuguese tiles and other traditional motifs.
Through our travels, we’ve gained a deeper appreciation for fabrics, as well as for the cultures and people behind them. We have come to realize that fabrics are not just materials but a representation of the people and traditions that have created them. Our passion for fabrics has opened a whole new world of understanding and appreciation for the beauty of diversity.

My sisters and I have discovered that a simple passion for fabrics can lead to a lifetime of exploration and discovery. We are grateful for the experiences we have had and the people we have met along the way. Our love for fabrics has become a symbol of the beauty of diversity, and we look forward to continuing our adventures and sharing our discoveries with others.

- Sue, Chris' mom

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